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Body Butter Shea Butter Almond Oil Yiang Yiang 100ml

Product Code: GSEAABB006

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Natural Body Butter 100ml. REPAIR SKIN & BOOST COLLAGEN WITH RAW SHEA BUTTER ALMOND & AVOCADO NATURAL BODY BUTTER. This body loving skin softener will be your daily obsession. First of all Shea butter. Second, Almond oil, Avocado oil, Wild Rose oil, Vitamin E, Virgin Olive Oil . Third, all these key ingredients blended together! Plus an added bonus: Coconut oil on top that forms a barrier to really help lock in moisture. This ultra concentrated cream penetrates deep to give your body that long-lasting nourishment it needs. A do-it-all, good for everything from your elbows to cuticles and even your hair, leaving you with a luscious, velvety texture that is simply stunning! PRODUCT OF GREECE.