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Chamomile Natural Beeswax Balm

Product Code: GSEAABB00150

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Chamomile Natural Beeswax Balm - 50ml
Chamomile Natural Beeswax Balm - 100ml
Natural, handmade, soothing Chamomile & Beeswax Balm with Extra Virgin Olive Oil for the hands, lips, body, feet and elbows. For all ages and all skin types. Unrefined Beeswax, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Chamomile Balm. Ideal for adults as a natural skin moisturizer, and for babies as a diaper rush ointment. So pure, that you can smell the olive oil and the unrefined beeswax’s, honey-like, scent. Infused with Chamomile blossoms. Heals and protects cracked fingers, minor burns, abrasions, chapped and chafed skin. Leaves a protective breathable layer that feels very comfortable. Safe for sensitive skin. No preservatives, no scents or colors added. PRODUCT OF GREECE.