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Christ comes from Heaven

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From the second line of the Katavasia of the Nativity(composed by St. Gregory Nazianzens) comes the title of this recording of the Matins of Nativity, which was originally released as the CD in Byzantine Christmas. That production, sub-titled ?The Celebration of the Nativity in the Christian East in Word, Image and Song,? included a hard-bound book with multiple essays on the Incarnation and copious color plates of icons of the Nativity. In this recording, Romeiko Ensemble replaces the Greek Carols with eleven new tracks, including the complete Canon and Praises performed in long and ornate melodies, sings the three Polyeleos of the Feast, and performs O Lord, protest our Master from the hierarchal Matins service in the presence of a Bishop. Most notable is that they perform this Medieval Byzantine chant in English for the benefit of the English speaking audience. [Note: the Greek Carols can be found on the sister recording Christ on Earth]. Hymn text in Greek and English, as well as liner notes, are available for download at www.romeikoensenble.com