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From Adam Unto Joseph

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From Adam Unto Joseph is an astonishing project: a 2-CD recording of the music of the Forefeast of the Nativity within a full color book treating the subject of Christ's Nativity and its associated chant. Given the theological emphasis on the incarnation of Jesus Christ, the Forefeast and the Feast of the Nativity are among the most significant periods of the liturgical year, ones often reduced to simply "Christmas" for all too many people. This production offers a collection of some of the most important chant selections out of an extremely rich heritage that spans a millennia of Byzantine chant composition. It is a magnificent hard cover volume in full color in Greek and English, containing Patristic writings and hymns, commentary, the entire hymn text, etc. all in Greek and English. The entire performance text with Byzantine notation is reproduced in full color. Chanted in Greek; book in Greek and English, including complete hymn text. 138 pp. Cloth bound hard cover.