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About Us

The Greek Soul

We are the result of a committed relationship with the Greek Orthodox Church and the Eastern Orthodox faith. To the Orthodox Christian, icons are an integral part of his or her prayer life.
Icons are made in various ways. Most people are familiar with paper icons laminated upon wood. These icons are affordable and generally available. Traditionally, hand painted icons have been out of the reach of the average consumer. It is our desire to provide a reliable source for hand painted icons and especially "custom order" icons, making it possible to adorn your altar area, and rooms throughout your home, with high quality, affordable icons which are produced in workshops that preserve the tradition and the criterions required by the Macedonian Shool of Agion Oros (Mount Athos - single heir of byzantium). Our icons are veritable pieces of art.
We are able to provide an "custom" hand painted icons, written in the traditional byzantine manner, for the saint or religious event of your choice in dimensions to meet your specifications. Although the wait can be lengthy (sometimes up to 3 or 4 months) the result is nothing less than breathtaking.
We like to think of it in these terms: most of us think nothing of spending several hundred dollars on Christmas trees and decorations for the Christmas holiday season. But as Orthodox Christians, how appropriate it would be for us to spend the same amount on a hand painted icon of the Nativity of Christ and for THIS to become the focal point in our home for the celebration of the birth of our Savior.

Michael Randall

About - The Greek Soul - michael randall_1Michael Randall is the president of The Greek Soul. During his frequent visits to Greece and through his association with the Greek Orthodox community and its families, he has discovered unique sources for icons, crosses and other religious items at affordable prices for the average consumer. Michael is bringing the results of his search to you with a high degree of personal service and commitment to your satisfaction.