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featuring byzantine chant under the direction of George Bilalis, Founder and Director of Romeiko Ensemble
as well as byzantine chant from monasteries around the world and other titles
From Adam Unto Joseph
From Adam Unto Joseph is an astonishing project: a 2-CD recording of the music of the Forefeast of the Nativity within a full color book treating the subject of Christ's Nativity and its associated chant. Given the theological emphasis on the incarnation of Jesus Christ, the Forefeast and the Feast of the Nativity are among the most significant periods of the liturgical year, ones often reduced to simply "Christmas" for all too many people. This production offers a collection of some of the most important chant selections out of an extremely rich heritage that spans a millennia of Byzantine chant composition. It is a magnificent hard cover volume in full color in Greek and English, containing Patristic writings and hymns, commentary, the entire hymn text, etc. all in Greek and English. The entire performance text with Byzantine notation is reproduced in full color. Chanted in Greek; book in Greek and English, including complete hymn text. 138 pp. Cloth bound hard cover.
Christ In The City of Bethlehem - Romeiko Ensemble
This is the 2-CD set of the music of the Forefeast of Nativity found in “From Adam unto Joseph” in a smaller, more affordable format. The Byzantine chant offers a collection of some of the most important selections of this festal period with a reduced commentary and limited examples of original texts in full color. Printed in full color in Greek and English, with limited Patristic writings, commentary, the entire hymn text, etc. Chanted in Greek; book in Greek and English, including complete hymn text. 47 pp. Cloth bound hard cover.
He Cometh At Midnight - Romeiko Ensemble
All the hymns of the Bridegroom Service (Vespers and Matins) of Holy Monday are included, based on previously unpublished medieval compositions and chanted antiphonally in Greek and English by two choirs. The digipak includes extensive liner notes booklet in English with hymn text in both English and Greek. Also included are notes from the director on the production, a short description of the service in the Eastern Orthodox Holy Week service structure, and writings by St. John of Damascus and St. Ambrose of Milan on the two themes of the service: the withered fig tree and the Patriarch Joseph. The cover illustration is a Nymphios icon commissioned especially for this production, and the interior is illustrated with never before reproduced medieval icon miniatures of the Patriarch Joseph in Egypt.
Byzantine Christmas - Romeiko Ensemble
This exquisite book & CD package is a limited edition production by Romeiko Ensemble celebrating the Nativity of Christ and exploring the celebration of Christmas in the late Byzantine Empire. The book is cloth bound with an embossed icon on the cover and includes 72 pages in full color, lavishly illustrated with icons and manuscript illuminations. Its contents are superb, and include: Patristic and Psalter quotes on the subject of Nativity; The Nativity Icon and an accompanying essay explaining its symbolism; in the center fold, a newly commissioned Prokypsis icon with accompanying essay explaining the Prokypsis ceremony on the eve of Nativity in the Byzantine court; an essay by Fr. Maximos Lavriotes on the theology of the Nativity; musicological notes by George Bilalis, Director of the ensemble; and hymn text in English. The CD includes 71 minutes of music (approx. 45 minutes in English) of Byzantine chant for Nativity and five regional Greek carols — including the never before performed Prokypsis hymn for the Emperor and a reproduction of the medieval manuscript from which it was transcribed. This is a limited print run edition, with only 1,000 copies printed. Place your order early to assure you receive a one of these collectible examples of authentic Byzantine chant.
Lazarus, the friend of Christ: St Lazarus through Literature and Icons, Hymns and Folk Songs
A small hardbound book of 80 pages, (14X21 cm) in Greek and English, full color and richly illustrated with icons. 2 CDs with Hymns to St Lazarus from Holy Week, chanted in Greek with full hymn text in Greek and English. Book contents include: a collection of rare icons with hagiographic analysis; the homily of St. Andrew of Crete for the miracle; musicological comments on Byzantine chant, and regarding folk poetry from Lazarus’ city, Larnaca, Cyprus.
Turn not away Thy face: An Anthology of hymns, literature and icons of Great Lent - Romeiko Ensemble
A small hardbound book of 80 pages, (14X21 cm) in Greek and English, full color and richly illustrated with icons. The book on the Sundays of Great Lent, and includes icons to illustrate the subject matter. The CD (chanted in Greek) includes representative hymns and full hymn text in Greek and English.
O Hierarch Nicholas - Romeiko Ensemble
The Vespers (Esperinos) service for the Feast of St Nicholas, including all the major hymns. Chanted in Greek.
Today Upon the Cross - Romeiko Ensemble
The Church of Hagia Irene, Istanbul, Turkey, is a much smaller and older church than Hagia Sophia
Eucharist - Romeiko Ensemble
This second recording of the Divine Liturgy by Romeiko Ensemble brings to contemporary audiences a classic arrangement by one of the Byzantine Maistores (Byzantine Masters of compsition), that of Ioannes Kladas in Mode II Plagal. Kladas (a contemporary of Ioannes Koukouzelis) was the most prominent master musician of the Great Church in the 14th Century. The recording includes the hymns of the Liturgy in their entirety, along with the Anapora hymns of St. Basil's Liturgy, the Creed and two Terrirem. This undertaking is once again made possible by the scholarship of Ioannes Arvanitis in transcribing the original medieval manuscripts, and Romeiko Ensembles world renown ability to perform Byzantine Chant in an authentic manner true to the original arrangements. Contains hymns text in English and Greek, manuscript reproductions, extensive notes and illustrated with medieval iconography.
Christ on Earth - Romeiko Ensemble
Christ on Earth is the Greek version of the service of Nativity Matins, originally released in 2007 in Greece. This first release of the service performed in medieval Byzantine chant contains the core hymns of the service: The Apolytikion, parts of the Canon and Kontakia, Praises and Katabasia, as typically sung in a Greek Orthodox church. In addition, the recording includes a delightful selection of five regional Nativity carols (kallanta), This recording was well received upon its release in Greece and became the foundation for the creation of Christ Comes From Heaven in English. Hymns text and liner notes can be downloaded from
Christ comes from Heaven
From the second line of the Katavasia of the Nativity(composed by St. Gregory Nazianzens) comes the title of this recording of the Matins of Nativity, which was originally released as the CD in Byzantine Christmas. That production, sub-titled ?The Celebration of the Nativity in the Christian East in Word, Image and Song,? included a hard-bound book with multiple essays on the Incarnation and copious color plates of icons of the Nativity. In this recording, Romeiko Ensemble replaces the Greek Carols with eleven new tracks, including the complete Canon and Praises performed in long and ornate melodies, sings the three Polyeleos of the Feast, and performs O Lord, protest our Master from the hierarchal Matins service in the presence of a Bishop. Most notable is that they perform this Medieval Byzantine chant in English for the benefit of the English speaking audience. [Note: the Greek Carols can be found on the sister recording Christ on Earth]. Hymn text in Greek and English, as well as liner notes, are available for download at