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Eucharist - Romeiko Ensemble

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This second recording of the Divine Liturgy by Romeiko Ensemble brings to contemporary audiences a classic arrangement by one of the Byzantine Maistores (Byzantine Masters of compsition), that of Ioannes Kladas in Mode II Plagal. Kladas (a contemporary of Ioannes Koukouzelis) was the most prominent master musician of the Great Church in the 14th Century. The recording includes the hymns of the Liturgy in their entirety, along with the Anapora hymns of St. Basil's Liturgy, the Creed and two Terrirem. This undertaking is once again made possible by the scholarship of Ioannes Arvanitis in transcribing the original medieval manuscripts, and Romeiko Ensembles world renown ability to perform Byzantine Chant in an authentic manner true to the original arrangements. Contains hymns text in English and Greek, manuscript reproductions, extensive notes and illustrated with medieval iconography.